HCG Injection for Men

Low testosterone production can result to poor sexual performance and low self esteem in most men. It is however not a new condition as several men undergo such problems at different times in their life. If you have such a problem then you have probably browsed around for proper ways and medications that you can use. And at one point or another you have come across HCG hormone either through commercials, internet or a friend. Well the hormone could be your best solution since it’s considered a safe and an effective method of increasing sperm count, testosterone production and many other benefits.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone commonly found in the urine of pregnant women. The hormone cannot be produced naturally in the body if your not pregnant hence doctors have acquired ways of injecting it to the blood stream to aid treatment of various medical conditions. The medication is used to treat infertility in women, low sperm production in men, pituitary glands disorder in young boys and weight loss for both men and women.

How HCG works for testosterone production

Sometimes your body might stop producing testosterone naturally due to stress, depression or old age. Other times it may be as a result of medical procedures such as therapy and drug interruptions. Whatever the case, HCG injections work by reminding your testes to start producing testosterones. It does the work of luteinizing hormone (LH) when the hormone alone is not enough to remind your body that its time for testosterone production. The HCG injections, if administered correctly, increase sperm production and can help in male fertility.


Apart from the general benefits of using HCG injections such as increased testosterone production and sperm count, HCG also comes with several benefits to men. The benefits include;

o High libido

o Increased energy

o Increased sexual performance

o Burning of excess fat

o Reduce risks of heart failure

o Increased energy

o Increased blood flow to the body system

o Improved confidence and self esteem

o Healthy body hair growth

o Reduced obesity risks

There are so many other benefits associated with injections HCG online in men that are not listed above. The most desired benefit of all is the increased sexual performance since this is the foundation of every man’s confidence and happiness.

Where to find HCG and how to administer

HCG injections are always prescribed by doctors in reliable clinics and can also be bought online. Over the counter HCG is however not recommended since they may not be genuine. HCG injection is administered under the skin or through the muscles. You can inject yourself with the drug at home following instructions given by the doctor. Sometimes men may be tempted to use more than the recommended dose for double results. This will not help since an overdose dose not make HCG stronger and can cause undesirable effects to your health.


High testosterone production in the body can result to several side effects in men. This may include mood alteration, development of female breasts, acne etc. It is always advisable to contact your doctor if you experience any side effects associated with HCG.

If you have serious medical conditions such as heart disease, prostate cancer, allergies or asthma, you should let your doctor know so that you get a correct prescription.